Vybium: European Startup Developing RISC-V AI Accelerator to Compete with Nvidia

Their initial focus is on AI/ML accelerator cards targeting data centers, cloud, and enterprise applications, aiming to rival Nvidia's A100 family.


European startup Vybium is making waves in the semiconductor industry with its ambitious project to develop a RISC-V AI accelerator chip aimed at challenging Nvidia’s A100 GPU in data centers. Operating in stealth mode, Vybium leverages the open RISC-V instruction set architecture to achieve European Digital Strategic Autonomy for AI.

RISC-V based AI Accelerator: They’re developing an AI accelerator chip using the RISC-V instruction set architecture, an open-source alternative to dominant players like Nvidia.

European Digital Autonomy: Their goal is to boost European independence in AI technology by providing RISC-V based solutions.

Competing with Nvidia A100: Their initial focus is on AI/ML accelerator cards targeting data centers, cloud, and enterprise applications, aiming to rival Nvidia’s A100 family.

Stealth Mode: Vybium is currently in stealth mode, meaning they haven’t publicly revealed all their details yet.

Background and Foundation

Vybium was founded by VRULL, a renowned tech firm based in Austria, and Software Ecosystem Solutions, an innovative company located in Albania.

The collaboration between these two entities aims to develop RISC-V AI accelerators catering to various verticals, including data centers, cloud computing, and edge applications.

Vybium’s founding stems from Europe’s imperative for greater control and independence in advancing its technology, especially in AI and semiconductors.

AI Accelerator Products:

Vybium’s initial product line centers around AI/ML accelerator cards. These cards aim to compete with Nvidia’s A100 family, positioning Vybium as a formidable alternative. Subsequent designs will integrate RISC-V general-purpose compute with AI/ML for embedded, industrial, and edge applications. Initially, the focus is on datacenter, cloud, and enterprise AI/ML acceleration.

Importance of European Digital Strategic Autonomy

The push for digital autonomy in Europe has been driven by the continent’s desire to reduce dependency on foreign technologies, particularly from the US and Asia.

By developing homegrown solutions, Europe can ensure the security and sustainability of its technological infrastructure.

Vybium’s initiative is aligned with the broader European strategy to foster innovation and maintain competitiveness in the global tech market.

Accelerated Development with Licensed IP

To expedite its chip development, Vybium has licensed NPU (Neural Processing Unit) IP from Stream Computing, a leading provider of advanced AI technologies.

This strategic partnership allows Vybium to integrate cutting-edge features such as new data types, support for sparsity, and high-bandwidth memory solutions into its AI accelerators.

These advancements are crucial for enhancing the performance and efficiency of AI workloads.

Vybium aims to compete with Nvidia by focusing on several strategic areas:

RISC-V Architecture:

  • Vybium’s AI accelerator products are based on the open-source RISC-V architecture.
  • Unlike Nvidia’s proprietary designs, RISC-V allows for customization and flexibility.
  • By leveraging RISC-V, Vybium aims to offer tailored solutions that meet specific customer needs.

Performance and Efficiency:

  • Vybium is committed to achieving competitive performance metrics.
  • Their AI/ML accelerator cards aim to match or exceed Nvidia’s A100 family in terms of throughput, latency, and power efficiency.
  • By optimizing their designs, Vybium aims to provide compelling alternatives for datacenter and enterprise workloads.

European Strategic Autonomy:

  • Vybium’s mission aligns with Europe’s goal of achieving digital autonomy.
  • By developing European-made solutions, Vybium aims to reduce reliance on non-European vendors like Nvidia.
  • This strategic focus resonates with policymakers and industry leaders.

Collaborations and Partnerships:

  • Vybium collaborates with VRULL and Stream Computing.
  • These partnerships provide access to software expertise and advanced NPU IP.
  • By combining forces, Vybium aims to deliver cutting-edge AI/ML technologies.

    In summary, Vybium competes by offering customizable RISC-V solutions, emphasizing performance, aligning with European autonomy goals, and forming strategic alliances

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    Statements from Key Stakeholders

    Dr. Philipp Tomsich, Chief Technologist and Founder of VRULL, emphasized Vybium’s mission:

    “Vybium has always been about delivering European-developed products that embody the European perspective: providing end-to-end solutions based on RISC-V that address the needs of European industrial companies. The rapid growth of AI/ML across all applications has changed customer priorities. We are addressing these on a timely basis based on the production-proven NPU IP from Stream Computing.”

    Andy Mei, CEO of Stream Computing, highlighted the significance of their partnership:

    “Empowering Vybium to develop their own silicon by incorporating and innovating on our production-proven NPU IP accelerates the roadmap to European AI/ML accelerators competing with Nvidia. Having a shared technology provides a broader base to support common, open-source software enablement. This is a true win-win.”

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    Strategic Importance and Market Impact

    The development of RISC-V AI accelerators by Vybium represents a significant step towards European technological independence.

    Creating AI hardware to compete with Nvidia positions Europe as a key player in the global AI market.
    This initiative fosters innovation and reduces reliance on non-European technology.
    It aligns with broader goals of digital sovereignty and strategic autonomy.

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    Vybium operates in stealth mode, focusing on developing RISC-V AI accelerators.
    Their ambition highlights the semiconductor industry’s dynamic evolution.

    Strong partnerships and innovative strategies position Vybium for significant impact.
    They aim to challenge established players in the AI hardware market. Vybium seeks to advance Europe’s technological prowess and independence.

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