5 Chinese Components Powering the iPhone 15 Revolution

Chinese manufacturer involvement in these 5 Key components captivates iPhone 15 launch

Optical Components : Prism  and  Camera Lens

The entry of Chinese companies like Jiangsu Changdian and Lixun Precision signifies a notable shift in the supply chain dynamics

Semiconductor Packaging: System-Level Packaging (SiP) Module

China’s Lansi Technology and Bern Optics are expected to maintain their positions as the primary suppliers for glass protection backplates

Glass Protection and  Acoustic Components

China’s Guangdong Desai Battery and Xinwangda Electronics have secured positions in the iPhone 15 series battery packaging supply chain

Battery Packaging

Lixun's role in wireless charging, USB-C ports, cables, and Haptic tech highlights China's growing influence in iPhone 15 components

Assembly  and  Additional Components