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Why Vision Pro Costs $3500 (~2.8 Lakh): Apple CEO Answers

Built on a foundation of 5,000 patents, Apple vision pro boasts two Silicon chips, a key factor contributing to its impressive capabilities.
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Apple enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike are abuzz with excitement as the latest innovation from Cupertino, the Apple Vision Pro, hits stores with a price tag that raises eyebrows. Priced at $3,500 (around Rs 2.8 lakh), the mixed-reality headset promises a revolutionary experience, backed by a myriad of technological advancements. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently addressed concerns about the steep pricing during an earnings call, shedding light on the cutting-edge features that justify the hefty cost.

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Technological Marvel:

The Apple Vision Pro isn’t just any headset; it showcases Apple’s dedication to innovation. With 5,000 patents as its foundation, it features two Apple Silicon chips, crucial for its impressive performance. Cook stressed that the price aligns with the advanced technology within, including 600 tailored apps and games.

“I’ve seen several demos of the output of different games, and it’s just mind blowing, it’s so much different. It’s hard to go back to the 2-D world after you’ve been in the 3-D world, you just don’t want to do it.” 

~Tim Cook, CEO, Apple

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Spacial Computing and AI Integration:

One of the standout features of the Apple Vision Pro is its introduction of spacial computing, a groundbreaking technology that allows wearers to seamlessly integrate digital content into their physical surroundings.

Years of progress in silicon, displays, and AI have led to this innovation. Cook emphasized AI’s role, including hand tracking, room mapping, and other functions powered by advanced machine learning.

“We started talking to a lot of creators, and everybody is blown away by the storytelling that can take place in this versus the tools of the past. And so my gut is there’s going to be a lot of people running towards this, but we’ll see.” 

~Tim Cook, CEO, Apple

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Cnsumer Response and Preorders:

Despite the eye-watering price, Apple fans demonstrated unwavering enthusiasm when preorders for the Vision Pro opened on January 19. Reports suggest that the company has already sold around 2 lakh headsets, indicating a strong initial demand. However, analysts predict that the demand may taper off due to the niche nature of the headset, which raises questions about the widespread adoption of this groundbreaking technology.

Corporate Interest and Beyond Entertainment:

Luca Maestri, Apple’s CFO, disclosed that big companies like Walmart and Nike are investigating uses for the Vision Pro among customers and staff. This hints at the headset’s potential to enhance business and customer experiences beyond entertainment.

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Looking Ahead:

The full impact and potential mainstream adoption of the Apple Vision Pro are still unknown. Its availability in India is pending, and the global tech community eagerly awaits its broader release. This anticipation extends to the evolution of mixed-reality experiences.

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The Apple Vision Pro stands at the forefront of innovation, embodying Apple’s relentless pursuit of technological excellence. The Apple Vision Pro introduces immersive experiences, spacial computing, and seamless integration of digital and physical worlds. Consumers are embracing this futuristic device, while corporations explore its applications. It signifies a significant step in redefining digital interaction and marks the beginning of a new era in technology.

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