World’s Top PCB Manufacturer Zhen Ding to Invest $250 Million in Thailand

The investment is a sign of Zhen Ding's confidence in the growth of the PCB market in Southeast Asia. The region is home to a number of major electronics manufacturers, such as Samsung, Apple, and Intel.
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In a strategic move to solidify its position as the world’s leading PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturer, Zhen Ding Tech. Group (4958.TW), commonly known as ‘Zhen Ding,’ has recently unveiled an impressive Southeast Asian investment plan. This plan entails the acquisition of 40 hectares of land in Thailand’s Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, with a substantial investment of $250 million. The company aims to construct a state-of-the-art production base to cater to the growing demand for Rigid PCBs in the automotive and server industries. This move is not only a testament to Zhen Ding’s commitment to global expansion but also a strategic maneuver to optimize its production capabilities and better serve its customers worldwide.

The Expansion Strategy:

Zhen Ding’s expansion strategy can be summarized by its Chairman, Shen Qingfang, as a “Two Sides, Global-Facing, and High-Level Development” approach. This entails maintaining its primary production base in mainland China while simultaneously establishing a robust presence in Southeast Asia. The new production base in Thailand is a crucial step in achieving this strategy, enabling the company to diversify its geographical presence and enhance its global layout. With a projected trial production launch in the first half of 2025, Zhen Ding is positioning itself to meet the evolving demands of the market promptly.

Meeting Industry Demands:

The decision to focus on producing Rigid PCBs for automobiles and servers underscores Zhen Ding’s commitment to providing solutions that align with the technological advancements of the modern world. As the automotive industry embraces electric and autonomous vehicles, the demand for reliable and high-performance PCBs is on the rise. Similarly, the proliferation of data centers and cloud computing has fueled the need for advanced PCBs in server applications. Zhen Ding’s strategic move to target these sectors reflects its proactive approach to innovation and its dedication to being at the forefront of industry trends.

Zhen Ding’s Remarkable Portfolio:

Zhen Ding’s remarkable portfolio encompasses an array of cutting-edge technologies and high-end products that cater to various industries. From flexible circuit boards (FPC) and high-density interconnect (HDI) PCBs to chip-on-film (COF) ICs and semiconductor-related applications, the company’s offerings are pivotal in the development of smartphones, wearables, laptops, automotive electronics, and medical devices. This diverse range of products underscores Zhen Ding’s adaptability and its ability to tailor solutions to different sectors, further solidifying its standing as a global industry leader.

Global Presence and Customer-Centric Approach:

With five major manufacturing campuses spread across Taiwan, China, and India, and over 20 sales offices worldwide, Zhen Ding is well-equipped to provide real-time business and technical support to its global clientele. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its comprehensive service network, ensuring that clients receive the support they need, regardless of their geographical location.


Zhen Ding Tech. Group’s ambitious Southeast Asian investment plan marks a pivotal moment in its journey towards becoming a dominant force in the global PCB manufacturing landscape. By strategically expanding its operations and focusing on critical sectors like automotive and servers, Zhen Ding is not only ensuring its relevance in a rapidly evolving industry but also contributing to the advancement of technology on a global scale. As the company continues its mission to exceed a 10% global market share by 2030, it is evident that Zhen Ding’s innovative spirit and customer-centric approach will remain central to its ongoing success.

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