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Negotiating Salary as VLSI fresher

Are you a fresh graduate in VLSI engineering, eager to embark on your career journey but feeling uncertain about negotiating your first salary? Negotiating your salary as a VLSI fresher may seem daunting, but with the right approach, you can increase your chances of securing a favorable compensation package.

A Glimpse into Fabrication companies in India

We present an in-depth exploration of the country's leading companies involved in VLSI fabrication and related non-design sectors. From renowned giants like Intel India and Samsung Semiconductor R&D to trailblazers like Qualcomm India and Texas Instruments, we unveil the driving forces behind India's progress in the VLSI realm.

VLSI Jobs – 26th July

Are you looking to take the next step in your career in the Semiconductor industry? Check out these exciting job openings with leading companies in the field! Whether you're an experienced Application Engineer, FPGA/ASIC Design Engineer, DFT Engineer, or a skilled Design Verification Engineer or RTL FPGA Engineer, we have opportunities for you. From Bangalore to Canada and the USA, these positions offer a chance to work on cutting-edge technologies and be part of innovative projects.

Join Micron India

???? Join the Pioneering Team at Micron Technology – India’s First Advanced Manufacturing Company! ???????? We are thrilled to announce our expansion into India, as Micron Technology sets up shop in Gujarat, marking a historic milestone in the industry! As…

ASIC Library Engineer: A Career in Demand

ASIC library engineers are responsible for designing and maintaining the libraries of cells that are used to create ASICs. These libraries are essential for the development of ASICs, as they provide the basic building blocks for these chips. ASIC library engineers must have a strong understanding of electronics and computer science. They must also be able to work independently and as part of a team.

Building a Bright Career in Hardware Engineering

In a world increasingly driven by technology, hardware engineering plays a pivotal role in designing and developing the electronic devices we rely on daily. From smartphones and laptops to IoT devices and autonomous vehicles, hardware engineers are the architects behind the seamless integration of advanced technologies. If you are fascinated by circuits, components, and electronic systems, a career in hardware engineering offers a plethora of opportunities for personal growth and professional fulfillment.

Career roadmap for an RFIC engineer

This career roadmap provides aspiring RFIC (Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit) engineers with a step-by-step guide to achieving success in their chosen field. From educational qualifications and essential skills to gaining practical experience and advancing to leadership roles, this roadmap outlines the key milestones and strategies to build a rewarding career in RFIC engineering.