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Join us for an enlightening online workshop presented by TechoVeda, the leading tech media dedicated to semiconductors. Delve into the world of semiconductor technology, its profound impact on electronics, AI, and energy, and discover why India stands as an exceptional destination for semiconductor ventures.

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Careers in VLSI- Design fab & Beyond

Introduction Kumar Priyadarshi and Gayatri Dash discuss the transformation and future opportunities in India’s semiconductor and VLSI fab design industry. They emphasize the importance of understanding the basics, willingness to learn, and gaining expertise in a specific area for job…

India’s Semiconductor Ambitions: A Conversation with Dr. Satya Gupta

India has been trying to build a semiconductor industry for decades, but it has been met with challenges. The country lacks the necessary infrastructure, talent, and capital to compete with the global semiconductor giants. However, the government has recently taken some steps to support the semiconductor industry, and there is a growing interest in semiconductors among private companies.