Free EDA Tools, Financial Support & Fabrication with C2S scheme

The approved organizations to get financial and Chip design & fabrication support (i.e. MPW fabrication at SCL Mohali & overseas foundries, EDA Tools (SNPS, CDN, Siemens EDA, Ansys), etc) to design Semiconductor Chips, SoC & IP Cores.


In alignment with the National Policy on Electronics 2019 (NPE-2019), the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has launched an ambitious initiative called “Chips to Startup (C2S).”

MeitY invites R&D proposals under the Chips to Start-up (C2S) Programme from Academia and R&D organizations with an overall aim to generate 85,000 industry-ready manpower at B.Tech, M.Tech & PhD level.

The approved organizations to get financial and Chip design & fabrication support (i.e. MPW fabrication at SCL Mohali & overseas foundries, EDA Tools (SNPS, CDN, Siemens EDA, Ansys), etc) to design Semiconductor Chips, SoC & IP Cores.

A Holistic Approach:

The C2S initiative takes a holistic approach to elevate India’s prowess in the electronics industry. It not only aims to create a pool of skilled professionals but also seeks to enhance academia-industry collaboration, promote innovation, and propel startups and MSMEs to the forefront of electronics research and development.

Program Objectives:

Specialized Manpower Development: The C2S program aims to nurture specialized talent in the field of VLSI/Embedded System Design. By training individuals with the necessary skills, the initiative aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry requirements.

Academia-Industry Collaboration: Recognizing the importance of collaboration between academia and industry, the C2S initiative encourages partnerships between academic institutions, research organizations, startups, and MSMEs. These collaborations are pivotal in promoting knowledge exchange, sharing resources, and driving innovation.

IP Repository Creation: The initiative aims to establish a repository of reusable Intellectual Property (IP) assets. This resource will be instrumental in accelerating the development of electronics products by providing a library of pre-designed components, reducing redundancy, and fostering efficiency.

Application-Oriented Systems: C2S focuses on the design and development of application-oriented systems, ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits), and FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays). These projects are aligned with the needs of various sectors such as energy and environment, healthcare, agriculture, disaster management, intelligent transport systems, emerging technologies, safety and security, and strategic areas.

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Program Implementation:

The C2S initiative will be implemented across approximately 100 academic institutions and research organizations across India. Additionally, startups and MSMEs are encouraged to participate through Academia-Industry Collaborative Projects, Grand Challenges, Hackathons, and Requests for Proposals (RFPs). The program’s website, serves as the platform for submitting project proposals, accessing guidelines, and obtaining relevant information.

Categories and Proposal Submission:

The program offers three project categories:

  1. Category I: Specialized Manpower Development
  2. Category II: Reusable IPs and System/ASIC/FPGA Design
  3. Category III: Application-Oriented Projects in Specific Sectors

The 2nd Call for proposal is open for Academia/R&D Organization for project submission in Category II & III only. 103 Organizations who are the part of C2S Programme are not allowed to submit the proposal again. The last date for submission of proposal is till 15th September 2023. After 15th September 2023, proposal will not be considered for evaluation.

Institutions must adhere to the eligibility criteria and proposal guidelines outlined on the website. The deadline for proposal submission is September 15, 2023, and no proposals will be accepted after this date.

Evaluation and Support:

All submitted proposals will be evaluated by an Evaluation Committee. Based on their recommendations, projects will be considered for financial support.

The C2S initiative not only fosters innovation but also provides financial backing to selected projects that align with the program’s objectives.


The “Chips to Startup” (C2S) initiative stands as a testament to India’s commitment to advancing its electronics ecosystem. By nurturing specialized talent, fostering collaboration between academia and industry, and supporting innovation in various sectors, the initiative has the potential to catapult India to the forefront of global electronics innovation.

As the deadline for proposal submission approaches, institutions, startups, and MSMEs are encouraged to actively participate and contribute to the growth of India’s electronics industry.

For any queries related to proposal submission or the program in general, interested parties can reach out to the support team at [email protected].

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