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What are 5 Countries Apple Supply Chain is heavily Dependent On?

From major Asian players like Taiwan and China to prominent U.S.-based suppliers, each entity contributes unique components and expertise critical for the production of Apple's iconic devices.
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Apple Inc., one of the world’s most prominent technology companies, relies on a complex and extensive global supply chain to manufacture its iconic products. From iPhones and iPads to MacBooks and AirPods, Apple’s products are a result of a well-coordinated network of suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors across the globe. Several countries play a critical role in Apple’s supply chain, contributing essential components and services. In this blog post, we will explore the five countries that Apple’s supply chain can’t survive without.

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China is a vital region in Apple global supply chain, with a growing supplier presence in 2022. The data shows an increased share of Chinese and Hong Kong-based suppliers compared to America and Japan. Out of a total of 615 production facilities, 156 are located in China, highlighting its crucial role in Apple’s manufacturing.

However, Apple’s heavy reliance on China raises concerns, especially amplified during the 2020 coronavirus outbreak and tariff rule changes in the Trump administration. This emphasizes the necessity for diversification and risk management in Apple’s supply chain.

1. GoerTek: AirPods

Two prominent Chinese companies, GoerTek and Luxshare, have garnered attention as key players in Apple’s supplier network. To enhance manufacturing cost efficiency, particularly for the AirPods, both companies embarked on establishing production facilities in Vietnam. GoerTek, headquartered in Weifang, China, operates two supplier locations in China and one in Vietnam, contributing to Apple’s efforts to broaden its production base.

2. Luxshare: AirPods

Luxshare, another crucial partner for Apple in AirPods production, has also taken steps to diversify its manufacturing operations. The company, with six supplier locations in China and one in Vietnam, is strategically expanding its presence beyond China, reducing dependency and fortifying the supply chain against potential disruptions.


Another nother indispensable player in Apple supply chain is Taiwan, with a significant focus on semiconductor manufacturing. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), based in Taiwan, is a crucial supplier for Apple, producing advanced chips for iPhones, iPads, and other devices. TSMC’s cutting-edge technology and high-quality production are integral to the performance and capabilities of Apple’s devices.

Although many of these Taiwanese companies have extensive operations not only in Taiwan but also in other countries, notably China.

1. Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn): Assembly of Phone

Hon Hai Precision Industry, more commonly known as Foxconn, is one of Apple’s oldest and largest suppliers. While headquartered in Tucheng, New Taipei City, Foxconn is often associated with China due to its extensive operations in the country. The company has been instrumental in Apple’s expansion into various regions, including India, the United States, and Vietnam.

2. Compal Electronics: Ipad & Apple Watches

Another prominent Taiwanese player in Apple’s supply chain is Compal Electronics Incorporated, primarily involved in manufacturing iPads and Apple Watches. Compal has locations in mainland China, Vietnam, and Thailand, in addition to its headquarters in Taipei City, Taiwan.

3. Quanta Computer: Macbook

Quanta Computer, a leading notebook computer manufacturer, conducts research and development in Taiwan, with production facilities not only in Taiwan but also in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. The company plays a crucial role in manufacturing Apple’s MacBooks.

4. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC): Chips

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), also known as TSMC, is a key supplier producing chips for a range of Apple devices, including iPads, iPhones, Watches, and Macs. TSMC operates production facilities in Shanghai, Taiwan, and Washington state.

5. Wistron: PCB

Wistron, another Taiwan-based company, has been pivotal in Apple’s expansion into India, focusing on printed circuit boards for iPhones. Company has supplier locations in both China and India.

6. Pegatron: Assembly

Lastly, Pegatron, with its headquarters in Taiwan, plays a critical role in iPhone assembly, akin to Foxconn. Pegatron has supplier sites in China and India, further solidifying Taiwan’s significant contribution to Apple’s global supply chain.

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South Korea

South Korea is a critical partner for Apple, primarily due to its leading electronic component manufacturers like Samsung and LG. Samsung, for instance, is a major supplier of various crucial components such as display panels and memory chips for Apple’s products. The advanced display technology and high-quality components sourced from South Korea are vital for the visual experience and performance of Apple devices.

1. Samsung: Memory

Samsung, headquartered in South Korea, is a vital component supplier for Apple, providing a range of critical components used in Apple’s devices. These components include flash memory for data storage, mobile DRAM crucial for multitasking applications, and application processors that control and maintain device functionality.

Despite being a competitor to Apple in the mobile phone market, Samsung strategically utilizes its position as a supplier to optimize its component manufacturing costs through bulk production. This dual role showcases the complex dynamics within the tech industry, where competitors can also be partners in specific areas of the supply chain.

2. LG: Display

Apple has diversified its display supplier network by including LG Innotek as an additional supplier, complementing its existing sourcing from Samsung. LG Innotek, based in South Korea, operates supplier locations in its home country as well as in Vietnam, contributing to Apple’s efforts to ensure a robust and diversified supply of displays for its devices.

Samsung and LG, despite their roles as competitors and competitors, play crucial roles in Apple’s supply chain, underlining the interconnectedness and strategic collaboration within the tech industry. Apple’s collaboration with these companies showcases the intricate balance of competition and cooperation, ultimately benefiting consumers through technological innovation and improved product quality.

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Japan is a key contributor to Apple supply chain, particularly in terms of critical electronic components and materials. Companies like Sony and Japan Display Inc. (JDI) are significant suppliers of display technologies for Apple’s devices. Additionally, Japan provides essential components related to cameras, sensors, and batteries, ensuring the high quality and functionality of Apple products.

1. Murata Manufacturing Ltd.: Capacitors

Murata Manufacturing Ltd., headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, holds a significant position as a crucial supplier for Apple. Operating from an extensive network of 18 manufacturing facilities across Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Singapore, Murata Manufacturing plays a pivotal role in Apple’s global supply chain. In Japan alone, the company has 10 supplier sites. Apple and Samsung are among Murata’s top clients, sourcing ceramic capacitors essential for regulating the flow of electricity in electronic devices.

2. Sharp: A Foxconn Subsidiary

Sharp, a prominent producer of LCD panels based in Sakai, Osaka, Japan, is a partially-owned subsidiary of Foxconn, a major supplier for Apple. Sharp’s expansive supplier locations span China, Vietnam, and Japan, contributing to Apple’s supply of critical components for their devices.

3. Sony: Camera Components

Sony, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is another key player in Apple’s supply chain, specializing in the production of camera and electronic components. With six supplier locations in Japan and one in Thailand, Sony’s contributions are instrumental in enhancing the quality and functionality of Apple’s products.

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United States

The United States is an essential player in Apple’s supply chain, particularly in research and development, design, and software development. Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, is the epicenter of innovation, product design, and strategic decision-making. Moreover, the U.S. is a hub for various technology companies and research institutions that collaborate with Apple, contributing to the development of cutting-edge technologies and advancements in software and hardware.

1. Broadcom: Wireless Technology

Broadcom, headquartered in San Jose, Calif., is a vital partner for Apple, aiding in the production of chips and components crucial for wireless charging. With supplier locations spanning Singapore, Taiwan, Colorado, and Pennsylvania, Broadcom plays a pivotal role in integrating wireless technology into Apple’s devices.

2. Corning: Tough and Durable Screens

Corning, based in Corning, N.Y., is the mastermind behind Apple’s Gorilla Glass, a robust and scratch-resistant glass used in device screens designed to withstand drops. Corning’s contributions enhance the durability and resilience of Apple’s products.

3. Micron: Memory Chips

Micron, a semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Boise, Idaho, is a significant supplier for Apple, providing memory chips critical for device performance. With supplier locations in China, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan, Micron powers Apple devices with efficient memory solutions.

4. Qualcomm: GSM & power management

Qualcomm, listed on NASDAQ, stands as a global leader in semiconductor, mobile, and telecom products and services. Known for supplying various electronic components to Apple, including envelope power trackers, baseband processors, power management modules, and GSM/CDMA receivers and transceivers, Qualcomm’s contributions are integral to device power management systems and mobile signaling. Despite legal disputes related to modem technology, Qualcomm continues to play a crucial role in Apple’s supply chain.

A diverse array of U.S.-based companies, including 3M, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Intel, Jabil, On, Micron, and Texas Instruments, among others, form essential pillars of Apple’s intricate supply chain. Their specialized contributions, ranging from semiconductor technology to glass manufacturing, highlight the multifaceted collaborations vital for Apple to deliver innovative and reliable products to a global consumer base.

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In conclusion, Apple’s global supply chain is a testament to the interconnectedness of nations in today’s globalized economy. China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and the United States are fundamental to Apple’s ability to produce high-quality, innovative products. Their collaboration and specialized contributions in manufacturing, components, and research and development are integral to the success and sustainability of Apple’s supply chain.


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