AMD Unveils World’s First Desktop Processor with Dedicated NPU for AI at CES 2024

AMD is targeting mainstream users who want to experience the benefits of AI without needing a separate graphics card.


At CES 2024, AMD stole the spotlight by unveiling the world’s first desktop processor equipped with a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) designed exclusively for AI applications.

This leap in innovation promises to reshape the landscape of high-performance computing, ushering in an era where the seamless integration of AI becomes a cornerstone of our daily digital experiences.

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What is World’s First Desktop Processor with Dedicated NPU

A specialized hardware component, the NPU, accelerates AI tasks such as machine learning and image recognition, traditionally handled by the CPU.

This announcement makes AMD the first to integrate a dedicated NPU into a desktop processor. Previously, NPUs were mainly found in high-end servers and data centers.

The processors with the NPU are the Ryzen 8000G series, featuring both CPU and integrated Radeon graphics. This suggests AMD is targeting mainstream users who want to experience the benefits of AI without needing a separate graphics card.

The NPU could enable various AI-powered features in personal computers, such as:

  • Enhanced image and video editing
  • Real-time noise cancellation for video conferencing
  • Improved voice assistants and language processing
  • Faster performance for AI-powered games and applications

The AMD Ryzen 8000G Processor:

The star of the show, the AMD Ryzen 8000G processor, not only features an eight-core CPU but also introduces a groundbreaking integrated Neural Processing Unit. This dedicated NPU sets a new standard in desktop processing, enabling swift and efficient execution of AI tasks.

Beyond traditional computing applications, the Ryzen 8000G processor is poised to redefine the possibilities of AI in tasks such as natural language processing and image recognition.

The dedicated NPU empowers the AMD Ryzen 8000G to handle complex AI workloads without compromising the overall performance of the desktop, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience.

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Strategic Partnership with Acer for AI PCs:

AMD’s collaboration with Acer is strategically focused on bringing AI capabilities to desktops. The result is a series of AI PCs powered by the AMD Ryzen 8000G processor, showcasing not only raw processing power but a tailored approach to AI-centric computing.

Additionally, the partnership with Acer includes an emphasis on optimizing AI algorithms for tasks like video editing, content creation, and real-time analytics, ensuring users can harness the full potential of AI in their daily computing activities.

Expanding Horizons with Ryzen 8040 Series Mobile Processors:

AMD’s CES 2024 innovation extends to the mobile domain with the Ryzen 8040 Series processors. In collaboration with industry leaders such as Lenovo, Razer, Asus, and Acer, these processors bring AI capabilities to the forefront of mobile computing, promising an intelligent computing experience on the go.

The Ryzen 8040 Series mobile processors don’t just handle traditional mobile tasks; they unlock new possibilities in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications. This versatility makes them ideal companions for users actively seeking enhanced AI experiences on their portable devices.

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Advanced Security Features:

Beyond AI prowess, AMD has integrated advanced security features into the Ryzen 8000G processor. Enhanced encryption and secure boot options ensure that users’ sensitive data remains protected in an era where cybersecurity is paramount.

The security features extend to AI-specific applications, safeguarding AI-generated insights and data, making the AMD-powered systems a reliable choice for businesses and individuals with privacy concerns.

Eco-Friendly Design:

AMD has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability by incorporating energy-efficient design principles in the Ryzen 8000G processor. Additionally, the processor’s architecture ensures optimal performance while minimizing environmental impact, aligning with the growing demand for eco-friendly computing solutions.

The eco-friendly design extends to AI applications, where efficient processing translates to reduced energy consumption in executing complex AI algorithms, contributing to a more sustainable computing ecosystem.


AMD’s triumphant showcase at CES 2024 not only introduces groundbreaking AI-centric computing but also emphasizes the company’s commitment to security, sustainability, and versatility. The world’s first desktop processor with a dedicated NPU, coupled with strategic partnerships and advanced features, positions AMD as a pioneer in shaping the future of high-performance, AI-driven computing. As the tech landscape evolves, AMD’s innovations pave the way for a transformative era where AI seamlessly integrates into the core of computing, promising unparalleled intelligence and efficiency for users across the globe.

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