How Intel AI PC Acceleration Program can Democratise AI?

Discover how Intel's AI PC Acceleration Program is set to transform the way we interact with AI in our daily lives and open the door to a world of new possibilities in areas such as art, music, learning, and work efficiency.
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Innovation is the driving force behind the ever-evolving tech industry, and as of the Innovation 2023 conference, Intel, a leading processor manufacturer, unveiled an ambitious plan aimed at reshaping the landscape of personal computing with AI.

The AI PC Acceleration Program represents a significant step forward, connecting Intel’s vast resources with independent hardware and software suppliers to foster the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) within the PC industry.

In this blog post, we will delve into the core elements of this groundbreaking initiative and explore the potential it holds for the future of personal computing.

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The AI PC Acceleration Program: A Vision for the Future

Intel’s AI PC Acceleration Program is designed to harness Intel’s extensive resources and expertise to empower the entire PC ecosystem.

The program caters to both Independent Hardware Suppliers (IHVs) and Independent Software Suppliers (ISVs), facilitating collaboration, resource sharing, and co-development.

Here’s a breakdown of the key components of this global innovation plan:

Resource Integration: Intel brings together a wealth of resources, including AI toolchains, hardware design expertise, technical knowledge, and co-marketing opportunities.

Ecosystem partners can access these resources, enabling them to harness the potential of Intel’s Core Ultra processors. This also helps to optimize AI and machine learning (ML) application performance.

Ecosystem Enrichment: The program aims to generate new use cases, expanding the AI PC ecosystem and linking it with the broader PC industry.

It’s a visionary approach that anticipates the transformative power of AI and its applications within personal computing.

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The Significance of AI in Personal Computing

Intel’s emphasis on AI within the PC industry reflects a critical turning point. AI and ML algorithms are enhancing software, enabling easier creation of art, music, knowledge acquisition, and improved work efficiency. Intel enhances AI software performance and energy efficiency by leveraging robust CPU, GPU, and NPU architectures.

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Software Leadership: A Key Pillar of AI PC Experience

Michelle Johnston Holthaus, Executive Vice President of Intel and General Manager of the PC Customer Computing Business Group, highlights the pivotal role of software leadership in the AI PC experience.

Intel’s unique position as a pioneer in creating an open ecosystem, coupled with its rich engineering relationship network, positions it as a catalyst for fostering innovation and facilitating new PC use cases.

Through collaboration with ISVs experienced in AI development, Intel is actively promoting connections and innovation.

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Collaboration with ISV Partners

The AI PC Acceleration Plan aspires to collaborate with over 100 ISV partners, including industry giants like Adobe, CyberLink, Zoom, and more.

This partnership seeks to facilitate the development of more than 300 AI acceleration features, expanding the horizons of personal computing and transforming the way we interact with AI in our daily lives.


This initiative harnesses AI and ML to boost software performance and energy efficiency. This also unlocks new possibilities in areas like art, music, learning, and work efficiency.

Intel’s strategic collaboration with IHVs and ISVs positions them as leaders in shaping the AI PC ecosystem.

The program’s potential is limitless, promising a transformative wave of AI integration in personal computing.

In a rapidly evolving tech era, Intel’s AI PC Acceleration Program exemplifies unwavering dedication to innovation and the boundless possibilities.

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