Practice GATE 2024 Electrical Circuit Questions

Embark on a journey to master Electric Circuits for GATE 2024 Electrical Engineering.


The field of electrical engineering is built upon the foundational knowledge of electric circuits.

Whether you’re a student gearing up for the GATE exam or an enthusiast looking to deepen your understanding, this blog post aims to provide a comprehensive guide to electric circuits, accompanied by challenging multiple-choice questions.

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1. Transfer Function Analysis

Understanding the transfer function of a system is crucial in analyzing its stability. The post delves into the concept of transfer functions, covering stable, unstable, and critically stable systems. A challenging question is presented to test your grasp of these concepts.

2. Three-Phase Induction Motors

Explore the slip in three-phase induction motors, a key parameter in motor performance. The blog explains the significance of slip and presents a question related to this essential aspect of motor operation.

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3. Mutual Inductance and Transformers

Mutual inductance plays a pivotal role in transformers. This section elucidates the concept of mutual inductance and its association with transformers. A challenging question is included to test your knowledge in this area.

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4. Laplace Transform and Time Response

The Laplace transform is a powerful tool in analyzing dynamic systems. The blog discusses its application to the unit step function and presents a challenging question related to Laplace transforms.

5. Transmission Lines and Impedance Matching

Explore the behavior of transmission lines, especially when terminated in different ways. The section covers the conditions for maximum power transfer and includes a challenging question on impedance matching.

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6. Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs) in Common-Emitter Configuration

Analyze the input and output phases in a common-emitter configuration of a BJT. The blog explains the phase relationships and includes a challenging question to test your understanding.

7. Skin Effect in High-Frequency AC Circuits

Delve into the phenomenon of skin effect and its prominence in high-frequency AC circuits. A challenging question is provided to assess your knowledge of this aspect of electrical circuits.

8. Damping in Systems

Understand the damping characteristics of systems represented by transfer functions. This section covers overdamped, critically damped, and underdamped systems, with a challenging question to reinforce the learning.

9. Semiconductor Devices – Schottky Diode

Explore the unique characteristics of Schottky diodes, focusing on their low forward voltage drop. The blog elucidates the significance of this feature and includes a challenging question to test your knowledge.

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10. Barkhausen Criterion and Oscillators

Learn about the Barkhausen criterion and its role in determining stability in oscillators. A challenging question is presented to evaluate your grasp of the conditions for sustained oscillations.


Mastering electric circuits is essential for success in electrical engineering exams and real-world applications. This blog post aimed to provide a comprehensive guide to various aspects of electric circuits, accompanied by challenging questions to reinforce your understanding. Remember, practice and understanding go hand in hand in conquering the intricacies of electric circuits. Good luck with your studies and the GATE exam!

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