PSMC Inaugration

$42 Million: PSMC Opens New Factory to Produce 50,000 12-Inch Wafer including CoWoS

PSMC aims to enhance product performance and drive industry standards to new heights. Stay tuned as PSMC continues to lead the way in semiconductor manufacturing excellence.
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In a significant stride towards bolstering its position in the global semiconductor market, Power Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (PSMC) recently unveiled its cutting-edge Tongluo factory.

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the presence of esteemed dignitaries including President Tsai Ing-wen, highlighting the strategic importance of this milestone for Taiwan’s semiconductor industry.

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PSMC Inaugration

Nearly 700 individuals, including President Tsai Ing-wen, Chairman Wu Zhengzhong of the National Science Council, Chairman Gong Mingxin of the National Development Council, Mayor Zhong Dongjin of Miaoli County, as well as representatives and senior executives from semiconductor companies in Taiwan and abroad, gathered for the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new Powerchip Gong factory. Among the distinguished guests were representatives from the American Institute in Taiwan, India, Japan, and France.

Vision and Investment:

Chairman Huang Chongren, in his address, underscored the monumental achievement of the Tongluo factory, which stands as a testament to PSMC’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement.

With an investment exceeding 300 billion yuan, the facility epitomizes state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

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Construction Amidst Challenges:

The journey towards the Tongluo factory’s realization commenced in March 2021, amidst the challenges posed by the global pandemic.

Despite adversities, PSMC remained resolute in its mission, ensuring uninterrupted progress towards completing the facility within a remarkable three-year timeline.

This steadfast dedication reflects PSMC’s unwavering pursuit of excellence and its pivotal role in driving Taiwan’s semiconductor ecosystem forward.

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Technological Marvel:

Spanning over 110,000 square meters, the Tongluo factory is a beacon of innovation. It houses a sprawling cleanroom spanning 28,000 square meters.

Equipped with cutting-edge 55, 40, and 28 nanometer processes, the facility boasts a monthly production capacity of 50,000 pieces. It sets new benchmarks for efficiency and productivity in semiconductor manufacturing.

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Advanced Integration:

Moreover, the integration of a 12-inch wafer production line is a testament to PSMC’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries.

Coupled with CoWoS advanced packaging capabilities, it enhances production scalability. This integration also paves the way for the mass production of silicon interposers.

These advancements are poised to revolutionize semiconductor packaging standards.

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Socio-Economic Impact:

Beyond its technological prowess, the Tongluo factory serves as a catalyst for socio-economic development, creating 3,600 job opportunities and fostering a vibrant ecosystem of collaborative enterprises within the Miaoli Tongluo Science Park.

This synergistic approach not only augments PSMC’s global competitiveness but also underscores its commitment to nurturing local talent and driving inclusive growth.

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Future Prospects:

Looking ahead, PSMC’s vision extends beyond mere production expansion, with plans underway for the factory’s second phase.

Collaborative ventures with industry leaders like TSMC are set to further accelerate the development of advanced stacking technologies such as 3D IC and artificial intelligence (AI), reaffirming PSMC’s position at the forefront of technological innovation.

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Seizing Opportunities:

In the backdrop of geopolitical shifts reshaping global supply chains, PSMC remains poised to capitalize on emerging opportunities, fueled by burgeoning demand for semiconductor chips driven by AI applications and economic recovery projections.

As the industry navigates through unprecedented challenges, PSMC stands as a beacon of resilience, poised to seize the opportunities of tomorrow and redefine the landscape of semiconductor manufacturing.

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Global Recognition:

The ribbon-cutting ceremony witnessed the convergence of prominent figures from across the globe, underscoring the international significance of PSMC’s milestone achievement.

With representatives from semiconductor powerhouses and governmental agencies in attendance, the event served as a testament to PSMC’s global standing and its pivotal role in shaping the future of the semiconductor industry.

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In conclusion, the inauguration of the Tongluo factory marks a watershed moment in PSMC’s journey.

It symbolizes the company’s commitment to technological excellence, socio-economic development, and global leadership in semiconductor manufacturing. As PSMC begins this new chapter, its legacy of innovation and resilience lights the path to a future with limitless possibilities in semiconductor technology.

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