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From Robot to Mobile Revolution : History of Android

Join us in commemorating the 15th anniversary of the first Android phone, a groundbreaking event that laid the foundation for the illustrious history of Android. On this day in 2008, the inception of Android marked a significant milestone, setting forth a transformative journey that has redefined the way we engage with our mobile devices.

How Malaysia became a Superpower in Semiconductor Manufacturing

micron in Malaysia
Major industry players such as Intel, AMD, HP, and Hitachi set up operations, with Intel pioneering the offshore assembly plant movement in Penang in 1972. As the semiconductor industry evolved, the Malaysian government formulated strategic plans and policies, adapting to changing global dynamics and competition from other East Asian countries.

Intel Lost Decade: 5 Reasons Why Chip Giant Did Fall Behind

However, just as Intel had established dominance in the data center market, a new computing trend emerged—artificial intelligence (AI). AI tasks were a challenge for Intel's main chips, the central processing units (CPUs). CPUs were designed to be versatile, general-purpose workhorses, serving as the "brains" of computers and data centers. However, they weren't well-suited for AI's specific demands.

Happy 65th Birthday, Integrated Circuit! Thank You, Jack Kilby

The integrated circuit (IC), also known as a chip, is a tiny electronic circuit that can be mass-produced on a semiconductor material, such as silicon. It is made up of millions of transistors that are interconnected to perform a specific function. ICs are used in almost all electronic devices today, from smartphones to computers to cars.

Intel’s $1 Billion Mistake

Intel's Cougar Point chipset was a major setback for the company. The bug could have caused significant data loss for users, and it also raised concerns about the reliability of Intel's products.