IIT-Madras Invites Applications for BS Data Science and Electronics Systems

IIT Madras is offering up to 75% scholarships to economically disadvantaged learners
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In the fast-paced world of technology and innovation, staying ahead of the curve often requires specialized knowledge and skills. Recognizing this need, the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Madras) invites applications for BS Data Science and Electronics Systems

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Empowering Learners Regardless of Background

Data Science is a field that deals with the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data.pen_sparkexpand_more Data scientists use their skills to solve problems in a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, and marketing.

Electronic Systems is a field that deals with the design, development, and deployment of electronic devices and systems. Electronic systems engineers are responsible for a wide range of tasks, from designing circuits to developing software.


Anyone who has completed class 12 with Physics and Maths can apply irrespective of age, role or geographical location.


Content, tutorials, doubt clearing sessions & assignments will be online, while quizzes, exams and labs will be conducted in-person. Lab courses will be in-person at IIT Madras campus.

Moreover, IIT Madras is offering up to 75% scholarships to economically disadvantaged learners, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder access to quality education.


Learn from anywhere, at your convenience. Option is available to choose the number of courses per semester. The BS degree will be awarded once 142 credits are earned.


The graduates of this programme will have strong fundamentals and industry-ready skills.

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The response to these programs has been overwhelming, such as with over 25,000 students already enrolled from across the country.

This diverse cohort includes both working professionals and college students, highlighting the universal appeal and relevance of these courses in today’s job market.

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Application Process and Eligibility

Prospective students can apply for the upcoming batch before the May 26 deadline. Moreover, application process is simple and can be completed online via the official IIT Madras website.

Importantly, candidates have the option to join through a self-contained qualifier process, eliminating the need to appear for the Joint Entrance Examination. However, those who have qualified for JEE Advanced 2023 or 2024 are also encouraged to apply.

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Tailored Learning Experiences

Professor Vignesh Muthuvijayan, the head of the Data Science program, emphasizes the growing demand for skilled data scientists in today’s data-driven world.

The BS in Data Science and Applications offers students flexibility and a comprehensive learning experience, equipping them with the necessary tools to excel in this burgeoning field.

Similarly, the Electronic Systems program, led by Professor S. Aniruddhan, provides students with a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Through a combination of theory classes and laboratory courses, students gain hands-on experience in designing, developing, and testing electronic, embedded, and communication systems.

The innovative approach of allowing students to conduct experiments at home underscores IIT Madras’ commitment to providing a dynamic and accessible learning environment.

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Inclusive Opportunities for All Streams

One of the most attractive features of these programs is their interdisciplinary nature. Students from diverse educational backgrounds, including engineering, humanities, commerce, economics, science, law, and medicine, are welcome to apply for the BS in Data Science and Applications.

Meanwhile, candidates with a background in mathematics and physics in their class 12 education are eligible for the BS in Electronic Systems, highlighting the program’s versatility and inclusivity.

Apply for Electronic Systems

Apply for Data Science

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Conclusion: Shaping Future Leaders in Technology

In summary IIT-Madras invites applications for BS Data Science and Electronics Systems represent a significant step forward in the realm of higher education.

By offering flexible, inclusive, and interdisciplinary learning experiences, these programs are empowering learners to become future leaders in technology and innovation.

With the deadline for applications fast approaching, aspiring students are encouraged to seize this opportunity to embark on an exciting journey towards academic and professional excellence.

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