NVIDIA has 80% of the AI GPU Market Share; 1.5 to 2 million AI GPUs to be sold by NVIDIA in 2024

"What NVIDIA does is they help create markets and that puts competitors in a very tough situation out there because by the time they've caught up, NVIDIA is on to the next new thing."


In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, NVIDIA stands tall as a behemoth, particularly in the realm of AI graphics processing units (GPUs). Recent reports indicate that NVIDIA has further solidified its dominance, capturing a staggering 80% share of the AI GPU market. This feat is not merely a testament to NVIDIA’s current prowess but also indicative of the immense challenges faced by competitors striving to catch up.

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NVIDIA’s Ascendancy in the AI GPU Market

Analysts predict that NVIDIA is poised to sell between 1.5 million to 2 million AI GPUs this year alone, marking a significant leap from previous years. The company’s relentless pursuit of innovation and its ability to anticipate market needs have positioned it as a frontrunner in the AI GPU space. Moor Insights & Strategy CEO, Patrick Moorhead, aptly summarizes NVIDIA’s strategy, stating, “What NVIDIA does is they help create markets and that puts competitors in a very tough situation out there because by the time they’ve caught up, NVIDIA is on to the next new thing.”

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Key Factors Driving NVIDIA AI GPU Market Share

Several factors contribute to NVIDIA’s unrivaled position in the AI GPU market:

Pioneering Technology:

NVIDIA’s continuous investment in research and development has yielded cutting-edge GPU architectures that outperform competitors. The Hopper H100 AI GPU, with its remarkable performance capabilities, exemplifies NVIDIA’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI computing.

Strategic Software Integration:

NVIDIA recognizes the importance of software in enhancing the functionality and appeal of its GPU offerings. By providing turnkey experiences and comprehensive software solutions, NVIDIA ensures seamless integration and ease of adoption for its GPUs. Gartner VP analyst Chirag Dekate acknowledges this strategic advantage, noting, “Software continues to be NVIDIA’s strategic moat.”

Agile Product Development:

NVIDIA’s agility in bringing new GPU architectures to market sets it apart from the competition. The imminent release of the Hopper H200 and the Blackwell GPU architecture underscores NVIDIA’s commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and customer demands.

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Implications for the AI Landscape

NVIDIA’s dominance in the AI GPU market has far-reaching implications for the broader AI landscape:

Market Leadership:

With a commanding market share, NVIDIA sets the pace for AI innovation and influences industry standards. Competitors face an uphill battle in challenging NVIDIA’s supremacy and must resort to innovative strategies to gain traction in the market.

Ecosystem Expansion:

NVIDIA’s ecosystem extends beyond hardware, encompassing software, developer tools, and partnerships. This comprehensive approach fosters a vibrant AI community and accelerates the adoption of AI technologies across diverse industries.

Technological Advancement:

The rapid advancement of NVIDIA’s GPU technology drives AI breakthroughs in areas such as deep learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. This, in turn, fuels progress in fields ranging from healthcare and autonomous vehicles to finance and cybersecurity.

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Looking Ahead

NVIDIA persists in pushing AI computing boundaries, leading innovation and shaping AI’s future. With upcoming next-gen GPU architectures and unwavering customer focus, NVIDIA’s dominance in the AI GPU market stays strong. As industry and competitors watch eagerly, it’s evident: NVIDIA rules the AI GPU domain.

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