“Chips from the North”: Finland’s Bold Strategy for Semiconductor Leadership

This initiative outlines a comprehensive roadmap for tripling turnover to EUR 5–6 billion and expanding the industry's workforce to 20,000 within the next decade and a half.
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Finland’s unveiled a bold new strategy, “Chips from the North,” designed to catapult its Semiconductor Leadership into a position of global leadership by 2035. Spearheaded by the Semiconductor Branch Group at Technology Industries of Finland, this initiative outlines a comprehensive roadmap for tripling turnover to EUR 5–6 billion and expanding the industry’s workforce to 20,000 within the next decade and a half.

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Opportunity Amidst Global Technological Advancements:

With global semiconductor sales projected to soar to approximately €1,000 billion over the coming decade, Finland stands at a pivotal moment in history.

Fueled by advancements in digitalization and AI, the Finnish semiconductor firms are well-positioned to capitalize on this wave of growth.

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Distinctive Strengths and Strategic Focus:

The “Chips from the North” strategy identifies six key areas for expansion within the Finnish semiconductor industry:

  • Chip design
  • Microelectromechanical systems and sensor technology,
  • Photonics
  • Quantum technologies
  • Advanced materials, and
  • Sustainable process technologies.

By leveraging these strategic areas, Finland aims not only to triple its turnover but also to double its workforce by 2035.

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Economic Impact and Job Creation:

The potential impact of this growth is staggering.

Estimates suggest that the expansion of the semiconductor sector could indirectly create an additional 15,000 jobs across various sectors in Finland. Moreover, it could generate an economic impact ranging between EUR 90 and 180 billion.

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Strategic Actions for Success:

To realize this ambitious vision, strategic actions are needed. These include strengthening research and development capabilities, enhancing the talent pool, and attracting investments to research and design centers and production facilities.

Collaboration between businesses, government, and academic institutions will be crucial in driving this growth.

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Global Recognition and Collaboration:

Globally, governments are increasingly recognizing the strategic importance of semiconductor technologies for national success and security.

Initiatives like the EU’s Chips Act underscore this trend. Finland’s strategy aligns with these global efforts and aims to foster more effective partnerships between industry stakeholders.

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As Finland’s embarks on this journey to become a powerhouse in the Semiconductor leadership. Additionally,the decisions made today will shape its future success.

With distinctive strengths, strategic focus areas, and collaborative efforts, Finland is positioning itself as a leader in semiconductor innovation. Finland is poised to make a significant contribution to Europe’s technological edge and strengthen supply chain resilience.

“Chips from the North” isn’t just a strategy—it’s a roadmap to Finland’s future prosperity and technological advancement on the global stage.

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